Want €50-€60 worth of amazing items for only €28?

Get the 2018 Mystery Goddess Box!

This beautiful box is filled with items from all our 2018 boxes: Festival, Green, Sea, Autumn and Moon.

You never know exactly which items you’re gonna get, but it will be good, we promise.


The 2018 Mystery Goddess Box will cost only €28, but the total worth of the items inside will be between €50 and €60. Isn’t that a nice deal?

Also, this is your last chance to get a Moon Goddess Box item, if you missed out on the box.

If you order multiple boxes, we’ll make sure you get as many different items as possible <3


The 2018 Mystery Goddess Box sale will start Saturday December 15th at 3 PM (UTC +1).

They will only be available while stock lastst, so when they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

Don’t forget to claim your FREE Moon Goddess Kit while you’re at it!

The Moon Goddess Kit will be available until the end of 2018.

Find out here how to get yours.