Are these rainy days bringing you down a bit? Then this will definitely cheer you up!

The Mystery Goddess Box is back!
€50 – €60 worth of gorgeous items for only €29!
You’ll never know which items exactly you’re going to get, but we promise you it will be SO good.

Want to surprise yourself or someone else with €50-€60 worth of amazing items for only €29?
Then get your hands on the 2019 Mystery Goddess Box!
This beautiful box is filled with goodies from last year’s boxes + some incredible bonus items.

If you order multiple boxes, we’ll make sure you get as many different items as possible.

The 2019 Mystery Goddess Box sale will start on Friday November 15th at 1 PM (UTC +1).
The boxes will only be available while stock lastst and we want to warn you: the 2018 Mystery Goddess Boxes sold out pretty quickly.