After the big success of our Green Goddess Kit, we’re now releasing the Moon Goddess Kit.

And you can get yours for free!


The Moon Goddess Kit is perfect for everyone who loves looking at the moon and feels strongly connected with it.
It uses the phases of the moon to help you set clear goals and manifest the things you want in life.


It contains:

  • New Moon Goal Setting Workbook
  • Full Moon Reflections Workbook
  • Lunar Calendar

The whole package will be listed for €12,50, but as we promised:

You can get it for free!


It’s easy! Just use coupon code MOONPHASES in your cart!


Each month the lunar cycles of both the full moon and the new moon give us the opportunity to manifest what we want in life or to dismiss those things that do not serve us and process them out.

Using the energy of the New Moon and Full Moon, you can set goals, plan ahead and reflect on your habbits and dreams

These workbooks and calendar will strengthen your connection with the moon and use its magic in everyday life.

So go on, claim yours here, goddess!