Temperatures are rising and the festival season is officially here. A great excuse to gather all glitters and bright make-up in your possession and go crazy with it 😄 Need a little inspiration? We bring you some goddess-worthy festival looks to try yourself.

Goddess hair

Whether you’ve dyed your locks in rainbow mermaid goddess style, or you rock your natural hair colour, these festival styles will bring your hair game to a higher level.
How about this halo braid? Pretty easy and a stunning result.
The bubble braid is such a cool new trend for this festival season. Effortless, stylish and something totally different. Try combining it with glitter roots and you’re all set.

Mermaid tears

We’re crying tears of happiness. The mermaid tears trend is so stunning! You can use fine glitter, chunky glitter, sticky diamonds, or put it all together. Copy this look by the beautiful mermaid Sophie Hannah or try out the bright eyes and chunky tears by Eloise May.

Glitter freckles

Subtle but oh so pretty: glitter freckles are te cutest trend ever. Vary with different sizes of glitter, from highlighter to super chunky. Or how about some star freckles? You can go all out, it will look cute anyway.
Want to look like a party queen? These holographic stars are the way to go. So easy and effective!

Eye spikes

Are you looking for truly stunning make-up that attracts all attention to your radiant face? Stop searching. Try eye spikes. Get creative with bright colours and lots of glitter and little diamonds. This look really frames your face and looks good on everyone. That is, if you like to be the center of attention of course. The super creative Alex Paiige gives us a nice example. We loooove how she combines her make-up with some glitter roots for the complete festival look.

Full face

This season, you can’t go wrong with rainbow colours and lots and lots of glitter. Did you know that our Festival Goddess Box contains two beautiful bio glitter mixes by Dust&Dance? Need some help applying glitter to your face? We got your back. Just follow Emma Kapotes and sparkle like a real goddess everywhere you go!
Ready to stand out in the crowd? This neon festival look will definately draw attention. For a look that is a little more subtle, you can always go for a more natural lip colour.
Nothing wrong with being extra, right? Go for supersparkly with this glitter bomb tutorial.

Rainbow glitter mermaid princess kinda says it al.

We’re in love with this easy and affordable festival face by Courtney Bee. Those little white dots and stripes really give us festival vibes!
Go grab your Festival Goddess Box here and get creative 😍