For the Festival Goddess Box we were – of course – inspired by all the amazing festivals this season, big and small. From PsyFi to Coachella and from Mandala to Burning Man.

Awesome music, beautiful people and mind-blowing art. Bizarre outfits, over-the-top glitter and superrelaxed hippie vibes, it’s all there.

Do you like to dance till 4 AM? Or would you rather spend your evening with a guitar around a campfire? You’re a festival goddess either way.

Enjoy life, keep your footprint small

You like trash-free festivals? So do we! Let's keep our footprint on this planet as small as possible, while looking as good as possible.

Wait, did anyone say biodegradable glitter??

Love yourself, love our planet

Noticed how the food on festival gets healthier and more responsible every year?

Festivals value sustainability more and more and that includes taking care of your body and taking care of our planet.

Inspired by all the amazing food trucks with delicious vegan food, we picked some fantastic vegan items for in our festival goddess box.

Dance like everybody's free

A festival goddess isn't afraid to stand out. She expresses herself in many ways, one of which is her radiant appearance.

We've been searching for amazing pieces that will help you sparkle, shine and just be you, everywhere you go.

Now forget your troubles and dance!