Mermaid hair is one of the best trends ever, in our opinion.

From the vivid hues to the flawless blending, all mermaid styles are unique, and each one is a true piece of art. There is something for everyone!

We picked 9 of the best mermaid hair ideas for you!

Calm blue sea
This blue grey colour is absolutely magical. Perfect for mermaids with straight hair.
Classic little mermaid
Who doesn't love Ariel? Her bright red hair colour doesn't only look good in Disney movies. This babe is the living proof of that!
Pastel mermaid
Sometimes you just want to look bright, lovely and pretty when you live under the sea. This pastel mermaid coupe is perfect for that.
Mermaid balayage
You don't need to go all the way to look like a sea goddess! This teal balayage gives us all the mermaid vibes.
Mermaid crown
Nothing says mermaid like a sea shell crown! Want a slightly toned down version of this look? Try the beautiful mermaid hair pin from the Sea Goddess Box!
Mermaid queen
Khaleesi meets Sea Goddess. This pearly look is truly fit for a queen.
Short-haired mermaid
Who sais a mermaid needs long locks? This hair cut is absolutely stunning. And that colour, oh my!
Glow in the dark mermaid
Glow up like a deep sea mermaid with this amazing glow in the dark hair. Isn't this the most mesmerizing thing you've ever seen?
Natural mermaid
Not all of us like bright colours, and let's be honest, all that painting isn't very healthy. So why not try this natural mermaid look? With an amazing fishtail braid, you look like a sea goddess in no time!