Green Goddess Box

What was inside our Green Goddess Box:

Spirit of Nature crystal soap by Crystal Cave

Mint balm & Tea 180 ml soy candle by The Irish Chandler

Organic essential oil  10 ml by Gray’s Wood Studio

Growing paper bird art by Lotte Drouen

Green Cosmos notebook by Baltic Moon

Creamy Hazelnut and Matcha raw chocolate bar by Lovechock

White sage and rosemary smudge stick

Festival Goddess Box

What was inside our Festival Goddess Box:


THE GODDESS pin by LadyMoonCo

Lucid Dreamer Patch by StarSeedSupply

Mayan Gold bioglitter by Dust&Dance

Aztec Silver bioglitter by Dust&Dance

Vegan cosmetic glue by Duste&Dance

Finger temporary tattoos by Tattoorary

EasyPeasy face mask by Leafon