What does it mean to be a goddess?

A true goddess is powerful and loving.
She embraces her own femininity and empowers other women.
A goddess cares about our planet and all its residents.
She isn’t afraid to stand out and to follow her dreams.
She takes good care of herself, because she understands that self-care and self-love are important.
And she knows she deserves only the best.
We believe that there’s a goddess in everyone. Our boxes are made to help you celebrate the amazing person you are.

Where do you buy your products?

We’re always looking for the best goddess-worthy products. Our boxes feature high-quality products from cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable brands.
Goddess Supplies supports small shops and creators, therefore we buy from brands that are not (yet) very famous. This also guarantees that you’ll receive special items that not everyone owns. Sounds good right?

Are Goddess Supply boxes vegan?

Yes, our boxes are vegan, unless clearly stated otherwise. All our boxes are cruelty-free, but in some cases (for example when we use sea shells) not technically vegan. A true goddess cares about our planet and all species on it, so we do not want to harm animals in any way with our products.

When can I purchase a box?

If you want to make sure you get your hands on our newest box, you can pre-order it. We will communicate pre-order dates via Instagram and e-mails to our goddess circle.
You can also choose to wait until the first boxes are shipped and you know what’s inside, but then there’s a chance that the box is sold out. Your choice, goddess <3

Can you tell me what’s inside?

It’s not called a mystery box for nothing, is it? 😉 The content of the box is a surprise, but we can promise you a few things.
The box will always contain at least 5 full sized products. These products could be anything a goddess needs: self-care products, beauty products, crystals, superfoods, accessories, candles, essential oils and so on. Everything is cruelty-free and guilt-free: honest products from honest producers, good for our planet and every creature on it.
If you follow @goddess.supplies on Instagram, you might get some sneak peeks of the products or brands featured in the box.
Also the name of the box could give you an idea of which amazing products to expect.
If you really hate surprises, you can wait until other goddesses have received the box and know what’s inside. But of course, there will be a chance that the box is sold out by then.

The box that I wanted is sold out. Now what?

We really hope we have enough boxes for all our interested goddesses. But if a box is very popular, it might get sold out fast. We advise you to pre-order if you want to be sure to get your hands on one <3
If you are unfortunately too late to buy a Goddess Supplies box, you’ll have to wait for the next one. But don’t worry, the next box will be great too 😉

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do! You can find more information on shipping here. Shipping rates are calculated in your sopping cart.

Can I subscribe to automatically receive new Goddess Supplies boxes?

At the moment it is not possible to subscribe to our boxes. You’ll have to buy each box separately.

Is it possible to gift a box to someone?

Ahh, you want to surprise someone? That’s so sweet! And it is definitely possible. In your shopping cart you have the option to make the box a gift. You’ll then be able to fill in the address of your fellow goddess and you can even leave a message, so she knows it was you who surprised her. You’ll receive the invoice yourself, via e-mail.
Notice: the whole order will be shipped to one person. So, if you want to order a box for yourself and one for someone else, you have to place two seperate orders.

I have another question I want to ask you.

You can always ask us questions! Please do not hestitate to contact us via the form on our website or via a DM on Instagram. We would love to get to know you, goddess.