Finally, a box that is dedicated to our beautiful moon!

Filled with magical items and stunning creations, this box is perfect for every moonchild. And it goed perfectly together with our free Moon Goddess Kit!

So, grab a cup of tea and let’s see what’s inside, shall we?
New Moon / Full Moon Candle Set

The perfect candle set for every moon lover. It consists of a New Moon and a Full Moon candle, both 50ml.

The Full Moon candle is scented with rose, vanilla, cedarwood and jasmine. It is topped with silver glitter and an Opalite crystal. The New Moon candle is scented with clary sage, frankincense, cinnamon and peppermint. It is topped with gold glitter and a citrine crystal.

Cailleach Candles creates these candles from 100% soy wax. Her products are not only super beautiful, but also 100% vegan and cruelty free. Each candle is made and packaged with love and intent, and each one is cleansed with a smudge stick or a Palo Santo before shipping.

This set is perfect for your Moon Rituals or for dark winter nights.
Moon Phases Palo Santo

This special Palo Santo stick is almost too pretty to burn. But oh my, it smells so good! Our Palo Santo comes from Peru and was harvested sustainably and with respect for people and nature. This way you can enjoy your Palo Santo without feeling guilty.

This bundle has a warm, sweet scent that works mood-enhancing. The scent is relaxing and creates a peaceful atmosphere. Palo Santo stimulates positive feelings and helps against stress, anxiety and negativity.

Since the scent is soothing and helps to improve focus, this sacred wood provides great support for study and other actvities that require focus and attention. Use this special Palo Santo stick to create a beautiful ambience when performing a Full Moon / New Moon ritual.
Peach Moonstone

Also called the feminine soothing stone, peach moonstone is known for its ability to help you open up to the feminine energy within.

This beautiful stone reminds you of your own worth and value, and helps to perceive the positive in all stuations.

Carry this smooth peachy stone with you or use it during a moon ritual to strengthen your intuition and vision.
Moon Phases Stickers

Whether you are a seasoned bullet journalist, or just like to paste stickers everywhere, these cute moon phase stickers are great!

This little box of 45 mm x 45 mm contains 45 stickers, perfect for scrapbooking, decorating and planning. Your notebooks will look out of this world.
Lunar Calendar

Always carry some magic with you, and never forget the dates of the moon phases, with this beautiful compact lunar calendar, designed to fit neatly in your purse or notebook.

Created by the wonderful artist Maria Rikteryte, this calendar is is 74mm x 105mm and is printed on a 300 gsm Ice Gold paper, which gives the image a perfect little twinkle.

The moon phases are given in UTC.

Crescent Moon Glass Ornament

This stained glass mini moon suncatcher looks truly magical. It was made from pretty wispy white iridescent glass with bright silver solder edging, by the talented Clare Whaler.

This decoration comes on a thin white ribbon, so you can hang it in front of a window or on a (Christmas) tree.
Just watch the light go through it and you’ll feel the magic!

The glass moon measures approximately 6 cm.

Dark Moon Tea

Feeling tired and craving quiet solitude? Let this Dark Moon tea blend by Tarn & Moon help you make space for some sacred time and the renewal of your spirit.
This tea has a deep forest fruitiness with a warming spice from cracked black pepper and cardamom that will completely warm you.

The dark moon is a private and intimate time, itโ€™s like the ground for the new moon intentions to grow in, richly renewing like this dark forest inspired tea.

Ingredients: Hibiscus flowers, Lemon verbena*, Cardamom pods*, Black pepper corns*, Fennel seeds*, Rosemary*, Red rose petals (*organic).
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